Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Fear and uncertainty are states we must confront every day. Sometimes we can overcome the feelings or distract ourselves from feeling them, but sometimes the feelings are strong, and we simply don’t know how to deal with them. When the ambiguity and feelings of rootlessness become overwhelming, they can balloon into anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression stem from a variety of factors- medical, hormonal, circumstantial or emotional. They are difficult states to manage without having certain tools that help you work with them to move ahead in your life with more certainty. Left unchecked, they can significantly affect your quality of life or even become debilitating.


It is impossible to be in control of the many variables in our lives. With psychotherapy you can learn how to live with the unknown and what you can do to cope with the feelings that arise when you cannot be in control.

Acceptance Is Everything

In our culture, we tend to spend a lot of time and psychic energy trying to avoid discomfort and pain. This in turn gives our negative emotions much more power than they deserve. To reduce the uncomfortable feelings, we do everything we possibly can to avoid them. This avoidance manifests in many ways, one of the most common being anxiety.

However, once we remove qualifiers from emotions, no longer viewing them as “good” or “bad,” we open ourselves up to acceptance and tolerance. The fear is no longer attached to the emotions, and we can learn to accept our feelings and realize that we can work with them, so they can exist without taking over our lives.


Depression robs you of life’s meaning and joy. Your quality of life is deeply diminished; your emotions are lackluster or numbed, and you may feel hopeless, lack motivation, interest and concentration, or like you’re living beneath a dark cloud of sadness and exhaustion. Getting up and dealing with the day can feel almost insurmountable.

Taking the step to healing through Psychotherapy is the first positive step toward gaining a foothold in living a healthy life.

Psychotherapy is an extremely helpful tool for helping you recognize your feelings, understanding and having compassion for what is driving them, and taking active steps for day by day, learning to feel more alive, more empowered, and more available for joy to come in.

My Approach

Talking through fears, concerns, and particular episodes from your past and present life will guide you toward an understanding of how to approach your healing journey. I first recommend ruling out any medical issues and working with a physician if medication treatment is necessary. Then with compassion and gentle guidance, I help you identify what in your life is causing you pain. We find methods for confronting those emotions, so you can begin to move forward with agency and a healthy outlook.

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