Eating Disorder Therapy

Why We Develop Disordered Eating


In life, there’s so much we can’t control. Our jobs, futures, friends and health can easily get sidelined, making us feel helpless. When you feel life spinning out of your grasp, you may reach for other things that you can control, such as how and what you eat.

Disordered eating largely comes from our desire to feel a sense of control. The results are tangible: we see a direct correlation between restricting and monitoring our eating and how our bodies respond. You feel power from being able to effect such change.

The irony is the more we focus on eating, weight, and exercise, the easier it is to develop unhealthy patterns that can quickly spin out of control, leaving us worse off than we were before.

Do I have An Eating Disorder?


A Healthy Approach To Healing


A safe, caring, non-judgmental space gives you the best opportunity to share your thoughts candidly and find productive solutions. In my Psychotherapy practice, you will experience compassionate collaboration, meaning we work together to determine which tools and skills will best make up our approach to your healing.

We examine the things in your life that make you feel out of control then we respond to those challenges by figuring out what you need to feel centred, aware, and in control of how you react to those challenges.

Each session will give you new tools for coping with life’s challenges- physical, emotional, and mental. By talking through your fears and concerns openly and honestly, you will arrive at new insights about how to overcome disordered eating patterns and find alternative ways to feel empowered.

Life will always throw us curveballs, but it’s up to us to determine how we react to them.

A Holistic Approach to Eating Disorder Treatment


A holistic approach to treating your eating disorder is extremely effective. A combination of psychotherapy with visits to your GP, a holistic nutritionist and a naturopath, treats the whole person so you can approach your life strong in body and soul.

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