Individual Therapy

Talking to an unbiased psychotherapist about your thoughts, emotions and desires, getting to the heart of your feelings and behaviours, and finding new ways to experience living well through psychotherapy can bring about great change in a short time.

Whether you have experienced a significant shift in your life such as the loss of a loved one, a change in employment status or family situation, or experienced a traumatic event– or you simply feel adrift and lack contentment and clarity, psychotherapy can help you identify and find ways of feeling more in control.

Talking through your emotions, identifying your fears and concerns, and finding gentle, viable solutions that you can use to feel better and more grounded is extremely beneficial for living a healthier, more centred life.

My Approach

Get individualized support and guidance to help you work through your pain, fear, or the simple feeling that you’re not living your best life. My goal is to nurture you through your therapeutic journey and give you supportive tools that you can rely on during your process. I am committed to a collaborative, strength-based approach and am happy to discuss how I approach my practice during a free phone consult.

Contact Me

You can live an empowered life, and I will help you find it. Please contact me any time to chat. I provide a free consultation to anyone who wants to take steps toward healing.