Therapy for Bulimia

Bulimia may begin as a way to find release from overwhelming emotions, but it quickly becomes a prison. Binging and purging locks you into a perpetual spiral of shame and anxiety as you try to manage your stress and escape from the difficulties of emotion and life.

What you want is to feel control and at peace. You want to feel like you are in charge of your behavior and can manage your life with all its myriad challenges productively not destructively.

If you experience binging and purging behaviours, self-injury, and putting yourself at risk in other ways, psychotherapy can help you get out of the cycle and into a healthy life.

A Gentle Approach


A gentle, nurturing approach through Psychotherapy is key to recovery from Bulimia. Together we work to determine what is causing the negative behaviours, including any other impulsive behaviours that may be prohibiting you from leading a truly healthy life. I will help you bring into your life positive, practical ways for you to cope with life’s challenges and manage your stress.

Each person is unique, and my holistic treatment approach is tailored to meet your specific needs. You will feel heard, validated, and supported.

Contact Me


Psychotherapy treatment is most beneficial when you feel safe and have a strong rapport with your Psychotherapist. Please contact me for a free consultation any time. We will talk about your needs, your concerns, and your goals, and determine if you are ready to enter into your healing with me.