Looking for a Psychotherapist in Toronto?


Do you feel that life is passing you by?


You wear many hats during your day: caring for others, working hard, trying to do it all. You wonder how everyone else seems to manage while you feel overwhelmed by your many day-to-day demands.

You are tired of lying awake at night worrying you’re not good enough. You are tired of feeling like you lack genuine connections with others. You know that balance, fulfillment, and contentment are possible, but you don’t know how to bring them into your life.


Psychotherapy Works


Psychotherapy is a powerful tool for to develop self-acceptance and compassion in all areas of your life. If you feel like you’re standing on the edge of the empowered, fulfilling life you want to have, Psychotherapy can help bring you fully into your experience.

  • You feel ready for things to change
  • You desire collaboration and knowledgeable encouragement
  • You crave the opportunity to talk through your thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental space
  • You love to laugh and be reminded of your passions
  • You believe you are ready to begin living the life you know you were meant to live

Types of Psychotherapy I Offer


I offer individual and couples therapy in the following specializations:

  • Eating disorders
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Interpersonal/Relationship issues
  • Life transitions
  • Goal setting
  • Work/Life balance

Psychotherapy gives you the guidance and encouragement to find positive solutions so you can live an authentic life.

Contact Me


I would love to be part of your journey. Explore what working with me might look like by reading my blog, being inspired by stories of growth and recovery, and getting in touch to set up a no-pressure free consultation with me on the phone to see if Psychotherapy is right for you.  


How My Weight Loss Attempt Turned Into Disordered Eating

I’m so lucky to know Josée, a registered dietician who helps people make peace with food.  Thank you for sharing your story and for being an inspiration.


A few years back, when I was still in school as a nutrition student, I made a resolution: I would make extra efforts to eat well and exercise. You’re probably telling yourself that this is a pretty typical goal for a nutrition student and you are probably right. When your whole life revolves around food and nutrition, this seems like a pretty normal response. So far, so good. So I started going to the gym more often, tracking what I was eating using an iPhone app and controlling my energy intake. It didn’t take long before I started seeing the number on the scale drop. I was ohhh so proud of myself for being so disciplined and motivated. Every week, I would become more and more restrictive, allowing less calories to be consumed and adding extra exercise.

Abby Rozen

Moms in T.O.

I’m proud to share this feature from the incredible website Moms in T.O. featuring self-employed mothers and the ways they kick-ass (of which there are many).  It was an honour to be asked.  Run by dynamic duo Renee Tratch of Kids in T.O. and local photographer Emily of Emily D Photography.  So, if you’ve ever wanted a snapshot on my life, here it is – in all it’s awesomeness (and messiness).

four words we can do without
Self-Acceptance Therapeutic Approach

Four words we can do without

Most of us have words that make us cringe, for one reason or another. It might be me a word that reminds you of something unpleasant, or that brings up a bad memory. For me, as a therapist, my cringe list consists of sneaky words that are a lot more harmful than they seem.  We live in a culture that is saturated in shame, where somehow it is believed that shame will motivate us to accomplish things.  The words on this list represent ways that shame sneaks its way into our narratives.