Therapy for Anorexia

Anorexia: A False Control


Denying yourself calories and practicing restricted eating, sometimes to extremes, is one of the chief markers of anorexia.

You may have willpower and control, but the empowerment you feel from seeing your body shift into illness is not true empowerment because it’s not addressing the actual problem.
Like lashing out at your loved ones after having a stressful day at work, starving your body and manipulating your eating into extremes is also side-stepping the real issue: that you do not have control over numerous challenges in your life, some of which are tenuous and frightening, and you feel helpless.

How Psychotherapy Helps


Anorexia is a significant problem that damages your health and requires compassionate and attentive care. Psychotherapy looks at the underlying anxiety and other causes of your disordered eating. Together we uncover the reasons you have succumbed to anorexia to see what it is you really need.

In my Psychotherapy practice, I address Anorexia in two ways:

• Dealing with the Anorexia itself physically, emotionally, and spiritually through holistic treatment.
• Providing gentle, nurturing and caring examination of the circumstances in your life that are causing you to engage in anorexic behaviour.

Psychotherapy gives you tools to cope with life’s challenges so you find your power and assuredness through healthy, positive means.

There will always be much that we cannot control – jobs, health, family and friends, political climate … the list goes on and on. But how you choose to respond to your fear of the unknown is absolutely within your control.

My Compassionate Holistic Approach


I provide a safe, accepting space, where we strive for compassionate awareness and implement practical, gentle lifestyle changes in order for you to regain your health and agency in your life.

Based on the work of Dr. James Greenblatt, I often advise clients to meet with their GP for a full physical and consultation, work with a naturopath for supplement support, and see a holistic nutritionist to help make any necessary dietary changes.

Recognizing Your Uncertainty Is the First Step


You may feel torn between wanting to maintain the control you have worked so hard for and letting go in order to begin healing your body, mind, and soul. Gaining insight about your illness forces you to confront the issues that have driven you to become anorexic.

Addressing your health is a tremendous step toward healing. I am here for you and believe even as adults, we need nurturing and compassion. I listen to your concerns and fears, and together, we will work toward finding awareness and healing.

Contact Me


Your comfort with me as your therapist is a significant component to your healing. Please call me for a free consultation to chat any time, and we’ll see what we can do together.