About Abby Rozen, MSW RSW

I am a social worker providing individual and couples psychotherapy for those who feel that things in their lives need to change. We all have internal and external barriers standing in the way of authentic living. Therapy is a helpful way for us to uncover these barriers and eventually overcome them in a way that is fulfilling and meaningful.

My work and training have taught me many things about people:


  • We are resilient
  • We grow through relationships and connections to each other
  • Our capacity for hope is powerful and often gets us through the worst of times
  • Our vulnerability makes us courageous
  • When we feel heard and validated, it is life changing

And that our human experience- whether painful or beautiful- is awe-inspiring.


How It All Began


Even as a small child, I liked helping people. Every year beginning in kindergarten, I would volunteer to be my teacher’s helper.  My task was typically to watch the other kids eat their snacks and assist with zippers, but I delighted in my job.

In university, I wanted to understand the human mind and psyche and graduated with a Hon BA in Psychology, then went on to receive a Masters of Social Work with the ultimate goal of working as a psychotherapist.

During my therapy internships, I was continually moved not only by people’s stories but how they came to find clarity through them. I wanted to know more about each person so we could find the best path for their life. When my first hospital patient said, “Thanks for listening, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” I felt deeply rewarded.

Later, at Walden Behavioural Care outside of Boston, I worked with people who had eating disorders. I was struck by how clients had to navigate crushing feelings of inadequacy, fear, and pain, yet felt ambivalent about the idea of recovery. Each person’s struggle illustrated the complex relationships many of us have with food. Through this experience I learned how important it is to be emotionally available, present, and to bear witness. I learned that in accessing their difficult feelings, people need unconditional acceptance, sensitivity and gentle guidance in order to feel safe and be vulnerable to their process and healing.

Now in my psychotherapy practice, I create a space where my clients and I work together in ways that are meaningful, intimate, and inspiring. I am humbled over and over again by their willingness to heal and am grateful every day that I am able to help people along on their journey.


My clients inspire, amaze and humble me and I am so grateful to be allowed to be part of  their journeys.


My Work History


My own journey led me to developing my therapy practice and creating the space to provide intimacy and healing. I’ve been a social worker/psychotherapist at Sick Kids, George Brown College, Ryerson University, Sheena’s Place, Walden Behavioural Care, South Bay Mental Health in Brockton, MA, The Hincks Dellcrest Centre, and Whitby Mental Health (now Ontario Shores). Before that, I was a research assistant at the University of Toronto, an English teacher in Japan, a group home worker with special needs children, and a waitress and bartender at a Firkin pub (which is how I supported myself during school and where I learned to make a killer dirty martini – an important skill!)

Good Karma


I believe in supporting the individual as part of a healthy community. Every month, I submit a portion of my proceeds to a number of different charities whose values align closely with mine and those of my practice: Plan Canada (Because I am a Girl), The David Suzuki Foundation, Partners in Health, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun ViolenceThe Environmental Working Group, The ACLU, and privately sponsor refugees with other local families. Thank you for making this possible.

Contact Me


Please be in touch if you feel ready to contact me for a free phone consultation to see if we’d be a good fit.