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Reframing Perfectionism

Despite having lots to say the idea of blogging is overwhelming – will I say the right thing? Will it sound professional?  Is my grammar correct? Will people think I’m worthwhile? When it comes to the written word I have a tendency to strive for perfection.  Blogging will challenge this.   I need to stop waiting for all of my ducks to be lined up  – now is the time.

I don’t know about you, but I hear this type of thinking a lot.  On an almost daily basis someone says to me “when X will happen then I can do Y.”“When I lose weight then I can start wearing tank tops.”

“When I feel comfortable with my body then I will wear a swimsuit.”

“When my kids start school then I will make time for myself.”

“When my life is less busy I will find a way to organize my life.”

“When it warms up then I will start exercising.”

So many of us are filled with excuses, and while we wait for X, all the chances to enjoy Y simply slip by us.  We seem to think that all the other people who are able to enjoy Y only do so because they’ve already accomplished X.

What if we changed these statements?

“I am working on body acceptance and will start wearing tank tops.”

“it’s hot, I want to go swimming, I will wear a swimsuit.”

“I’m important and need to make time for myself now.”

“Life will always be busy, I will start small and work on organization as I go.”

“I feel good when I exercise, I’ll take it one day at a time but start now.”

What is holding you back? How can you reframe it?  Comment below, and if you need help reframing we can help!

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