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Riding the Wave

I love the ocean and especially floating in the waves. I find it truly calming and peaceful. Think about the last time you were in the ocean. When a wave came on, did you stand up, brace yourself and let it crash into you? Or did you let it carry you gently and ride along until it rolled off to shore?

priority list versus life

Does Your Life Reflect Your Priorities?

These days, few of us live according to our  values– our true priorities.  That is, not unless the amount of time we spend on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest aligns with what’s important.

But how do we live in a way that reflects our priorities? How do we even  identify  them? Unsurprisingly, figuring out what you value is the first step. Try the quick step-by-step activity below to help you check in with yourself and reconnect with what’s really important to you.

Self Self-Acceptance Therapeutic Approach

The Power of Naming Shame

Guilt is a difficult emotion we’re all familiar with. But how often do we say “I feel guilty” when we really mean something else?

The definition of guilt is “a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong, etc., whether real or imagined.” The remorse and regret you feel after doing something that hurts someone is productive; it reminds you to be kind, ask for forgiveness and move on. But when we say “I felt guilty after eating all of those cookies” or “I felt guilty saying no, but I don’t have time to help her move” what crimes are we committing? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of anyone being arrested for eating treats or saying no to a favour.

Finding Meaning In Our Work

Meaningful Work

If you’ve read the About section of this website, you know how much I #lovemyjob. I’m lucky that my passion is my profession and I get to do what I love every day.

You may also know that I’m a big fan of Brené Brown’s work. In The Gifts of Imperfection, she talks about how important meaningful work is to our happiness. We’re not talking about changing the world or saving lives here. We’re not necessarily even talking about employment. Meaningful work is about doing something—anything— we’re truly proud of.

Anxiety Self-Acceptance

Acceptance is Transformative

Do you find meditation easy? Can you still your mind, gently let go of your thoughts and focus only on your breathing? No? Me either.

The concept makes sense, but it always seemed like I was doing it wrong. I’d look around at the other yogis in my class, who all seemed so zen-like and focused, while I couldn’t get my brain to shut up.  And the louder my thoughts got, the more frustrated I became. I kept telling myself, “No, no, no! You’re doing it wrong! You should be able to do this like everyone else!” Eventually I gave up trying– it was impossible to meditate with all that noise to fight off.


Recovering from Binge Eating Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder

An inspiring story about how powerful hope became in her recovery – thank you for sharing your story, Ms. T.

“When I first started my journey to recovery, I didn’t believe I would ever get there. And honestly, I didn’t think I wanted to.

The first anxiety attack I can remember happened when I was six years old, and since then, anxiety was such a constant part of my life that it seemed normal. When I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, I was relieved. I was grateful for an explanation, a root cause, and proof that it wasn’t me, it was the disease. 

When I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, I was relieved. I was grateful for an explanation, a root cause, and proof that it wasn’t me, it was the disease.

Self Self-Acceptance Therapeutic Approach

Reframing Perfectionism

Despite having lots to say the idea of blogging is overwhelming – will I say the right thing? Will it sound professional?  Is my grammar correct? Will people think I’m worthwhile? When it comes to the written word I have a tendency to strive for perfection.  Blogging will challenge this.   I need to stop waiting for all of my ducks to be lined up  – now is the time.

I don’t know about you, but I hear this type of thinking a lot.  On an almost daily basis someone says to me “when X will happen then I can do Y.”